Greenwich Steakhouse construction & décor

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Greenwich Steakhouse is set in a building with a townhouse footprint in the West Village.

Known as “Little Bohemia” the West Village is in some ways the center of the Bohemian lifestyle of the West Side.

The Village was also known for the artist that made it famous.  This gave way to artistic license for the new Greenwich Steakhouse interiors.

From a construction approach;

HI-Construction was faced with structural and finish challenges.  Being a landmark building, limitations had to be confronted and updating to code, a must.

The new interior’s renovation required contemporary finishes and applications without eliminating all original walls and structure.  Old finishes were brought back to life, restored and new construction integrated seamlessly.  Restoration of existing fireplaces brought two floors back to the warmth it once had.  New windows installed made for a better view of the energetic hustle the neighborhood continues to have.  With almost 100% LED lighting installed, responsible energy efficiency was exercised.  Installation of a custom contemporary style curved glass cladded stair design presented a challenge because of its minimal look but was made possible because of an experienced engineering team.

Hi-gloss lacquer ceilings, pine beam cladded hand stenciled walls and beautifully installed wallpaper ceilings made it possible for the ends results of the interiors to have a high end look and feel.  Not to forget the huge challenge of created an entirely new kitchen and basement prep room.  The kitchen’s design requirements were to have the kitchen be displayed to the general public.  Both from the main floor but also as the public was led to the second floor dining.  Everyone would be able to view the master chef at his craft but ultimately needed to be seen as an organized and well-engineered kitchen.  A custom exhaust system had to be design and new ways to transfer heat and ventilation created.  After all, low ceilings in these older buildings are always challenging.  Restoration of the building’s street façade was painstakingly done to insure landmark requirements were met but also respect the neighborhoods original architecture.

From a design point of reference;

YAMIR + concept interiors firm insisted on respecting the local neighborhood interior materials found in the building like the original wood floors, brick walls, aged pine beams and a bit of industrial steel.  Using such materials while redefining what a steakhouse typically has always looked like, dark and red, the new interiors were directed to go the opposite direction.

First floor bar and dining reminds everyone of traditional bistro gatherings of casual conversations while enjoying reinterpretations of classic, yet very contemporary drinks but still surrounded by modern materials and style.  Neutral tones, splashes of brass and touches of chocolate and emerald green give a shimmer of what to expect as you climb to the upper floors.

In the second floor dining room, centuries past still life paintings inspired new 28-foot long still life photography enclosed by perforated tech material, made it possible to reflect on the past while looking forward to the future.  A mix of antique, mid century and new blue and white dishes are arranged on walls in a fresh new pattern continuing the contemporary and site specific art installations throughout.

Illuminated milk color ceiling plates joined by amber glass rosettes allow light to filter through to the dining patrons sitting on midnight blue velvet chairs.

Champagne colored upholstered and taupe color wood banquettes anchor the room at the far end adorn with two sapphire color glass vases displaying seasonal flower arrangements.

Windows are dressed in panels made with men’s suiting heathered wool.


Each floor stair landing has been cladded with the original ceiling beams that were re-furbished, washed and stenciled to evoke touches of French history left behind.  Mini jeweled and marble tops demilunes decorate each landing.

The third floor private room Although the third floor is respectfully more on the traditional, decorating colors and style.  It is balanced by the two temperature controlled full glass walled wine rooms holding several thousand bottles of enjoyment.

The colors are rich midnight blue and china white walls accompanied by shimmering bone china colored damask wallpaper ceiling.  Crimson velvet dining chairs and crystal chandeliers give the ambiance a personal townhouse ambient.  The private bathroom is styled in charcoal color painted wood panels, mirrors and brass finishes.The single table can sit up to 20 for private events and dining and for more corporate and personal events.